Silicon Direct - Repair Technician Damages Laptop, Claims not Liable


So my friend's laptop jack wasn't working a few months ago, and he brings in his laptop to be repaired. No big deal, he's told. They'll just replace the jack and everything will be fine. So they replace the jack, but then apparently the adapter isn't working. They proceed to throw it out without testing it, and he orders a new one from amazon. It doesn't work either. He has the company on amazon replace it, under the assumption that it was just faulty. It doesn't work either. Finally, he spends the $120 for the official adapter from the laptop company. Surprise, it doesn't work yet again.

He keeps talking to silicon direct, and they find out they replaced it with the wrong jack. Instead of offering to replace it with the right jack, free of charge, they say they'll order him a new adapter. But they ask that he pay the restocking fee in the event it still doesn't work, despite their mistake. Well... it still didn't work. They then finally try to replace the jack properly.

It's been two months so far. Keep in mind, he's in computer programming at university. Being without a computer is an incredible pain in the *** for any amount of time, let alone two months. They're still having problems. Apparently, because they've opened the computer up and mucked about so many times, some parts on the motherboard are now broken. The guy just said it's a risk with repairing a computer, not much you can do about it. No saying sorry, no compensation, nothing.

My friend is absolutely pissed off. They've not once taken responsibility for throwing out a working adapter, or damaging his motherboard. The guy never even said sorry once. He is selfish and lazy. He claims he has no liability for the damaged computer. His argument was the jack is part of the motherboard. That my friend "brought in a broken motherboard, and left with a broken motherboard.". So it's not his fault? Then why is my friend still out hundreds of dollars when the motherboard is still technically broken? Where's the refund? What service did this man provide?

Do not trust silicon direct. I have no idea how they've managed to stay in business with this sort of practice. He was bullying and insulting my friend when he said he wasn't satisfied with the repair or any of the "services" provided.

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